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October 03, 2013

Personal Mention

President Subra Suresh was a guest on WILL Radio, the NPR affiliate at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign this past Tuesday. "Focus" host Jim Meadows talked with President Suresh about the National Science Foundation, making the transition from director to university president and about the changing nature of scientific research. Suresh also spoke at the University of Illinois on Tuesday as part of the Center for Advanced Studies/MillerComm series and presented the last lecture in Chancellor Phyllis Wise's "Research University in the World of the Future" lecture series yesterday (Oct. 2). Listen to the "Focus" conversation with President Suresh at

Kathy Newman, associate professor of English, wrote a post for Working Class Perspectives on how the Netflix TV series "House of Cards" is relevant to those interested in working class issues, including an inside look at Washington politics and how modern unions operate. Read "Playing the Union Card: A Big Emmy Win for Netflix’s 'House of Cards'" at

Selma Limam Mansar, associate teaching professor of information systems at the CMU Qatar campus, has been elected president of the Qatar Chapter of the Association for Information Systems, the world's largest information systems community. Mansar will be leading local information systems scholars and practitioners in information systems research and development. Divakaran Liginlal, associate teaching professor of information systems at the Qatar campus, is the secretary of the chapter, while Maher Hakim, visiting associate teaching professor of information systems, is the director of outreach. Khaled Al Share of Qatar University is the president-elect.