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May 23, 2013

Personal Mention

Marilú Lundeen, an administrative coordinator at the Information Networking Institute (INI), received her bachelor’s degree in Hispanic Studies with an additional major in European studies on Sunday. The full-time staff member started taking classes in 2003 while working as the coordinator of Latin American Activities for the late Paul Goodman at the Tepper School of Business. Lundeen said that she "loved the contact with people and classes that were creative, such as 'Political Drama in Spain' and 'Acting for Nonmajors' as well as art classes on 'Picasso' and the 'Ballets Russes.' It was a fresh breath to do something so different and self-fulfilling in my life. ... It’s been challenging, but very fun.” Prior to earning her CMU degree, Lundeen earned an associate’s degree in applied science in 1989.

Baruch Fischhoff and Tamar Krishnamurti wrote an opinion piece on their research that studied the influence of teens' decision-making with respect to Plan B, an emergency contraception pill for women. Contrary to the consistent assumption that young teens may use Plan B because of their cognitive limitations, they found that adolescents are more competent in thinking about their decisions than people may think. The piece was published in Pacific Standard Magazine and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Fischhoff is the Howard Heinz University Professor of Social and Decision Sciences and Engineering and Public Policy. Krishnamurti is a postdoctoral fellow within Engineering and Public Policy and the Tepper School of Business.

Director of Athletics, Physical Education and Recreation Susan Bassett has resigned, effective July 1,  to become Director of Intercollegiate Athletics and Recreational Sports at Ithaca College, her alma mater.    During her tenure at CMU, Bassett is credited with developing the Excellence Forum to provide students with leadership and life-skills development and staff with professional development opportunities. Additionally, Bassett led the improvement of many campus facilities, including the installation of a new turf field for Gesling Stadium, the replacement of the university’s track, the addition of a varsity weight room and a new soccer field. “Far from simply building a stronger department, she helped us all realize anew that physical health, active engagement, sportsmanship, leadership and teamwork are all important elements to our individual success and community fabric," said Vice President for Campus Affairs Michael Murphy. "I am grateful for the foundation she has built here, which will sustain us in this transition and in the years to come." Read the full announcement.

Anmol Misra and Abhishek Dubey
, who earned master's degrees at CMU's Information Networking Institute (INI) in 2005 and 2006, respectively, have written a comprehensive book about security challenges facing Android, one of the leading platforms for smartphones and tablet use. In their book, "Android Security: Attacks and Defenses," the authors explain how attackers can get control of your smartphone. "This book is a wonderful example of how our graduates apply the knowledge and experience gained from their work in our interdisciplinary master's programs," said Dena Haritos Tsamitis, director of the INI and director of education, training and outreach for Carnegie Mellon CyLab, one of the largest university-based cybersecurity research and education centers in the U.S. Tsamitis, who wrote the book's foreword, points out that "anyone with an interest in mobile security will be able to get up to speed on the Android platform, and will gain a strategic perspective on how to protect personal and enterprise customers from the growing threats to mobile devices."

Dan Gilman (DC'04) won this past Tuesday's Democratic Primary election for the Pittsburgh City Council seat for District 8. Gilman, chief asisstant to City Councilman Bill Peduto — who won the Democratic Primary election for Mayor of Pittsburgh  — is the son of Fred Gilman, dean of CMU's Mellon College of Science.