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June 15, 2012

Engineering the Climate


Pradeep Khosla, dean of the College of Engineering (CIT), listens as Timothy Persons, chief scientist of the Applied Research and Methods Group of the U.S. Government Accountability Office, makes a point during the most recent installment of CIT's Washington Speaker Series. Khosla served as moderator for a panel on "The Science & Uncertainty of Engineering the Climate: The Need for a Strategic Research and Governance Plan." Along with Persons, panelists included Steven Hamburg, chief scientist for the Environmental Defense Fund; Granger Morgan, professor and head of CMU's Department of Engineering and Public Policy; and John Steinbruner, director of the Center for International & Security Studies at Marlyand. David Keith, a professor of public policy at Harvard University, was a guest speaker. During the event, the D.C. alumni chapter presented Khosla with an award in honor of his contributions to CMU. Khosla will be leaving CMU this summer to become chancellor of the University of California, San Diego.