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August 11, 2011

Ganger, Narasimhan To Head New Intel Science & Technology Centers

Intel Gregory Ganger and Priya Narasimhan will head two new Intel Science and Research Centers (ISTC) based at Carnegie Mellon that will focus on cloud and embedded computing. Each center involves multiple universities and will receive $15 million over the next five years.

Ganger, the Stephen J. Jatras Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, is a co-PI of the ISTC for Cloud Computing along with Phil Gibbons, an Intel research scientist and adjunct professor in computer science. Narasimhan, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering and director of Carnegie Mellon’s Mobility Research Center, is a co-PI of the ISTC for Embedded Computing along with Mei Chen, senior research scientist at Intel.

“These new ISTCs are expected to open amazing possibilities,” said Justin Rattner, Intel chief technology officer. “Imagine, for example, future cars equipped with embedded sensors and microprocessors to constantly collect and analyze traffic and weather data. That information could be analyzed and shared in the cloud so that drivers could be provided with suggestions for quicker and safer routes.’’

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