Case History Timeline-Patent Lawsuit - Carnegie Mellon University

Case History Timeline

This timeline lists significant legal events in the Carnegie Mellon patent infringement litigation.  Some dates include links to the court filings that are publicly available online.

Carnegie Mellon University Files Suit

Marvell Moves to Invalidate the CMU Patents; Motions Are Denied

Carnegie Mellon Moves for Partial Summary Judgment Dismissing Marvell’s Affirmative Defense and Counterclaims of Unenforceability Due to Inequitable Conduct; Court Issues Ruling

Marvell Moves for Summary Judgment Regarding Group II Patents; Court Grants Motion

Marvell Moves for Partial Summary Judgment of No Infringement and No Damages with Respect to Alleged Extraterritorial Conduct; Court Issues Ruling

Jury Rules in Favor of Carnegie Mellon; Award Is Affirmed by Court

Marvell Moves to Seal Certain Evidence; Court Denies Motion

Post-Trial Motions Commence in Advance of May 1-2, 2013

Oral Arguments on Post-Trial Motions Held

Significant Post-Trial Opinions and Orders

Carnegie Mellon Moves to Protect Its Ability to Collect the Judgment

Court Enters Final Judgment

Marvell Appeals to the Federal Circuit

Patent and Trademark Office Reexamination