Carnegie Mellon University
February 19, 2019

Byron Yu and Fellow Researchers Publish Study on Neuron Interaction in the Brain

By Amit Malewar, Tech Explorist

In a new study, scientists at Carnegie Mellon University have investigated how communication between brain areas occurs through an information bottleneck. Scientists dubbed this process as communication subspace.

For the study, scientists observed two areas of the visual cortex, V1 and V2. There they observed certain population activity patterns were being selectively routed between the two brain areas.

Scientists think that this communication subspace could be a mechanism by which diverse kinds of data, for example, color and motion, encoded by one cerebrum zone are specifically steered to the fitting downstream brain regions.

Byron Yu, an associate professor of biomedical engineering and electrical and computer engineering said, “Communication subspaces might be a general mechanism by which brain areas interact with each other. This concept has only been studied in the visual and motor cortices. There is still much to be explored.” Read more