Carnegie Mellon University
February 19, 2019

Bin He Featured in NEXTPittsburgh Profile

By Sandra Tolliver, NEXTPittsburgh

NEXTPittsburgh featured an article about Bin He, department head of Biomedical Engineering and faulty member in the Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition and the CMNI. 

"His lab was the first in the world to fly a drone by thinking about it, using noninvasive technology to control the robotic arm.

Bin He says he was a science nerd as a kid growing up in Wenzhou, China. He was always looking to the future, imagining the possibilities.

When he wrote his graduate thesis on brainwave imaging and recording, that kind of research was still considered futuristic. Today his goals — to change medicine and health care in America — remain lofty. But through his research, now happening at Carnegie Mellon University, they’re also attainable.

A renowned scholar, He brought his pioneering research on noninvasive techniques for mind-controlled robotics to CMU this month as the new department head of Biomedical Engineering, succeeding Yu-li Wang. He will also teach and has relocated his lab to the campus, to continue research into brain-computer interfaces.

“Professionally, I have been the person who strongly believes engineering is critical to move the field forward,” says He, referencing the drone example mentioned above. “So, this is a unique place to advance the entire discipline and at the same time, my personal research.” Read more