Carnegie Mellon University
September 01, 2020

CMU Partners with U.S. Army To Grow Data Science and AI Expertise

Three educational pathways provide instruction to U.S. Army personnel

Gera Jochum
  • Senior Director, Communications for Research and Strategic Academic Initiatives
  • 412-268-5472

Carnegie Mellon University welcomes students from the U.S. Army amid the cadre of others starting classes this fall, expanding educational pathways for the Army to grow their expertise in data science and artificial intelligence (AI). CMU will educate personnel from across the Army, comprising service and cilivian employees, from technicians to senior leaders.

One pathway termed the Army AI Professional Scholars Program will support Army personnel as they earn a master’s degree from CMU. In this inaugurial year, the Army is supporting 25 Army personnel (20 officers and 5 civilians), who applied and were accepted into either the Heinz College of Information Systems and Public Policy’s Master of Information Systems Management, Business Intelligence & Data Analytics (MISM-BIDA) program or the School of Computer Science’s Master of Computational Data Science (MCDS) program. These individuals represent some of the Army’s top talent from a diversity of backgrounds and will provide the force with professional-level data scientists and engineers.

Also this fall, CMU will provide instruction for a new Army AI Cloud Technician Program. This will enable Army personnel to gain the training and experience they need for the Microsoft Cloud Administration certification. As part of this program, these technicians will gain hands-on experience working with the Army AI Task Force, which is housed at CMU and activated just a year and a half ago.

As part of a third educational pathway, CMU will deliver executive education in AI for Army senior leaders. The program will provide Army leadership with the knowledge to make informed, strategic decisions to integrate data capabilities into Army operations.

Through these three programs, CMU will provide educational opportunites that support the safe and ethical use of data and AI to advance national defense and security.