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May 28, 2019

Lloyd Brings Unique, Bold Voice to Broadway

By Erin Keane Scott

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Actress Kristolyn Lloyd could say that she has her dream job, but it's not quite that simple.

As a child in Houston, Texas, she dreamt about everything as a career possibility. For a long time she really wanted to be a teacher and a movie star.

"I would pretend that our car was a limo. I would stand in our front yard with my sunglasses on, telling my parents, 'I have arrived,'" Lloyd recently shared. "So I guess you could say I do have my dream job."

Lloyd graduated from Carnegie Mellon University School of Drama in 2006, and has had a noteworthy career that has included roles on television and on and Off Broadway. She played Alana Beck in the original cast of "Dear Evan Hansen" and is currently starring as Jo March in a new adaptation of "Little Women" at Primary Stages.

"Be bold, not only in how you approach the business and your skill, but also in how you approach life."

When she arrived at CMU to study music theater, she was struck by the amount of talent that surrounded her. Those peers drove her to work hard.

"I think it's valuable for every young person to know that when they get into the business, there are going to be people that are better than you," Lloyd said. "There's something valuable about adjusting to working in a competitive environment. You have to find a way to show up and do your work. That's what I learned at CMU."

She notes that being a black woman on Broadway has given her a unique voice and the ability to bring a valuable perspective to conversations about what a play is trying to say to its audience.

When Lloyd imagines the advice she would give to a graduating student, she suggests finding different ways to tap into the human condition, such as traveling and taking weird jobs.

"Take risks," she implored. "Be bold, not only in how you approach the business and your skill, but also in how you approach life."

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