Carnegie Mellon University
March 06, 2019

Behind-the-Scenes Photos of the 2019 Lunar Gala

By Michael Henninger

Julie Mattera
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Created in 1997, the Lunar Gala fashion show sells out over 1,200 seats annually, showcasing the talents of Carnegie Mellon designers. 

Hours before showtime, the Rangos Ballroom becomes an assembly line. Dozens of models go from station to station. Stylists apply makeup and hairspray at a whirlwind pace. 

Then, the student models gather backstage to change and prepare to walk out into the lights. 

Stylists and models cheering
The hair and makeup team for the 2019 Lunar Gala comes together for a cheer with the models as they start to prepare for the show.

Make up table for models
Bill Gao, a sophomore, sits to have his makeup done.

A stylist applies eyelashes to a model.
Sammie Paul, a freshman, has an eyelash extension added while sitting for hair and makeup.

The designers share an emotional moment
Designer Zain Islam-Hashmi becomes emotional while addressing his fellow designers at the start of the show.

A student models a helmet.
With the show about the start, the models don their first outfits and line up to go on stage.

The crowd waits for the start.
The crowd awaits the start of the show.

A model walks the runway
A model walks the catwalk early in the show.

A model walks the runway.
Photographers crouch by the stage to capture images of the designs. 

A model walks the runway.
A model walks the catwalk. 

A model walks the runway.
Models walk the catwalk during the 2019 Lunar Gala.

A model walks the runway.
A model spreads the wings of her outfit.

A designer leave the stage with a large teddy bear.
After their lines, designers are gifted flowers, fruit, and the occasional giant teddy bear.

Backstage, models watch the show and cheer on a tv.
Backstage, the student models watch the show on a live-feed and cheer on their friends.