Carnegie Mellon University
February 05, 2015

CMU Master of Fine Arts Students Present "Gallery 808," a Series of Pop-Up Exhibitions Starting Feb. 12

By Lauren Goshinski / 412-268-1533 / and Pam Wigley / 412-268-1047

Gallery 808

First- and second-year Master of Fine Arts students at Carnegie Mellon University will present new work spanning multimedia installations, video, performance, sculpture, and interactive projects in "Gallery 808," a pop-up gallery at 808 Ivy Street (former Hiptique clothing boutique) in Shadyside.

A month-long series of exhibitions run Feb. 12 - March 19, showcasing a different group of artists each week with a reception at 5 p.m. on Thursdays, followed by a Q&A led by guest critics from 6:30 - 9:30 p.m.  All events are free and open to the public.

CMU artists are: Daniel Allende, Kevin Brophy, Zhiwan Cheung, Brittany DeNigris, Jamie Dickerson, Nima Dehghani, Hannah Epstein, Ada-Scarlett Hopper, Jesse Kauppila, Tucker Marder, Adam Milner, Daniel Pillis, Moses Williams. Guest critics: Arif Khan, Tyler McPhee, April Friges, Adam Frelin and Ethan Murrow.

Schedule and artist statements are below. R.S.V.P. at
#Gallery808 on Twitter @CMUSchoolofArt, or Instagram @cmuart.

Feb. 12 - Hannah Epstein and Jesse Kauppila
Guest critic: Arif Khan (Mary Price Ratrie Curator of Art at the Clay Center for the Arts & Sciences, W.Va.)

"The rules of the game interpreted and repurposed. Served back with an invitation to creative participation in absurdity." - Hannah Epstein

"My work explores the material and metaphoric use of reticulating patterns. It is the artistic side of a curatorial project on display throughout this semester at the Posner Center on Carnegie Mellon's campus."  - Jesse Kauppila

Feb. 19 - Moses Williams, Ada Scarlett-Hopper and Tucker Marder
Guest critic: Tyler McPhee (Artist, New York City)

"The breadth of affectual and bodily experience, as a sense-body, is considered in sculpture and installation. Posing questions as to our understanding of the world and the complex forces that make it present, familiar, and identifiable." - Moses Williams

"Through various media, most currently those of sculpture, performance, and photography; I allow my diverse background in medicine, dance, and the visual arts to explore many philosophical and physical issues relevant to understanding the vast spaces between extremes." - Ada-Scarlett Hopper

"Come see a panoply of fragile global warming jokes on ice! What do a duck in a frying pan and an elephant wearing sunglasses have in common?" - Tucker Marder

Feb. 26 - Daniel Pillis and Zhiwan Cheung
Guest critic: April Friges (Artist, Pittsburgh)

"I specialize in synthetic and virtual experiences, particularly concerned with issues of compression, representation and abstraction.  My new work remixes Nils Baricelli's early experiments with artificial intelligence with E.M. Forester's 1909 allegory for the future, "The Machine Stops," blending both into an interactive narrative about the history of computer graphics." - Daniel Pillis

"My practice consists of creating a psychological ping-pong between fluctuating states of identity, from a non-state to an in-between-state. I attempt to put the viewer in the same perceptual and conceptual spiral of the cultural liminal state within an invisible, borderless realm." - Zhiwan Cheung

March 5 - Adam Milner, Kevin Brophy and Daniel Allende
Guest critic: Adam Frelin (Artist, New York City)

"I use a variety methods to intimately and rigorously document his private life. Through these performances, texts, and collections, I research methods of interpersonal exchange." - Adam Milner

"I'm a multidisciplinary artist who questions and critiques, often in a satirical and self-implicating way, the dynamics of power structures. The meeting of contradictions is a forever-interest: powerful and impotent, serious and funny, glamorous and mundane, consumer and producer, and so on." - Kevin Brophy

"I collage social and functional systems to correlate themes in unconventional pairings - frequently working in collaboration with many disciplines to create projects that blur the boundaries of art with science, activism, technology and theater." - Daniel Allende

March 19 - Jamie Dickerson, Brittany DeNigris and Nima Dehghani
Guest critic: Ethan Murrow (Artist, Mass.)

"As a multi-disciplinary artist, I use a variety of media in my exploration of post-Internet identity: manifesting as installations, interactive sound pieces, videos, sculptures and performances.  They always begin from a psychologically driven space and often suggest the self as lost or in transition." - Jamie Dickerson

"I composed the following lines walking on an asphalt road 'picking up a worm/ I wondered where is the hand/ lifting me to shade.' I am currently employed constructing meaning from the structure of this poem." - Brittany DeNigris

"#Social #Confusion #Media #Human #Man #Woman #Stuck #Long #Dark #Hard #Distance  #Virtual #Life #Lives #Among #Loneliness #Crypt #Fear #Transformation  #Photo #Video #Installation #Interaction #Distraction #Construction #De #Repetition #Nothing #Empty #Ego #Echo #Five_days_Ago" - Nima Dehghani