Carnegie Mellon University
May 02, 2013

Media Advisory: Carnegie Mellon To Host Policy Briefing About Better Management of Renewable Energy Sources

Contact: Chriss Swaney / 412-268-5776 /

Event: Carnegie Mellon University's Scott Institute for Energy Innovation will host a policy briefing about how to manage renewable energy sources like wind and solar power, which do not produce a consistent amount of power, so they can be better integrated into the nation's power grid.

CMU's Scott Institute will release a new policymaker guide that summarizes research by the RenewElec project at a congressional staff briefing. Most states have a renewable portfolio standard - a policy designed to require or encourage electricity producers within a given jurisdiction to supply a certain minimum share (typically 15 to 30 percent) of their electricity from designated renewable sources. The three-year RenewElec project comes to the conclusion that reaching a 20 to 30 percent renewable portfolio standard is possible, but not without changes in the management and regulation of the power system.
The expert panel includes: Jay Apt, principal investigator for the RenewElec Project and a professor of technology at the Tepper School of Business and the Department of Engineering and Public Policy (EPP); Paulina Jaramillo, executive director of the RenewElec Project and an assistant research professor in EPP; Stephen Rose, an EPP Ph.D. graduate; and moderator Deborah Stine, associate director for policy outreach at the Scott Institute. To register for the event, go to

A key mission of the Scott Institute, established last fall, is to take a systems approach to energy issues - collecting information and research results throughout CMU - to provide an up-to-date understanding of energy issues facing today's policymakers.

When: 12:30 to 1:30 p.m., Friday, May 10.

Where: Rayburn House Office Building, Room B-338, Independence Avenue and South Capitol Street, Washington, D.C. 20003.