Carnegie Mellon University
January 25, 2013

Press Release: Carnegie Mellon Sets Tiered Tuition for Incoming and Current Students for 2013-2014

University Continues Trend of Lower Increases; Provides Aid to 57 Percent of Undergraduates

Contact: Ken Walters / 412-268-1151 /

PITTSBURGH-Carnegie Mellon University will increase tuition by 4 percent for its incoming 2013-2014 class. This continues a four-year trend of among the lowest tuition increases by the university since 1975.

CMU also announced a 3 percent tuition increase for returning students for 2013-2014. CMU uses a tiered pricing model to help protect current students from larger increases.

For 2013, tuition for undergraduate incoming students will be $46,670. Housing costs will be set at $7,070 and board costs at $4,920, which are increases of $260 and $180, respectively. In total, the cost for attendance will increase 3.24 percent for continuing students and 4.02 percent for incoming students.

For returning students who entered Carnegie Mellon in 2012, tuition will be $46,220. Tuition for students who came to Carnegie Mellon in 2011 will be $45,780. For students who entered the university in 2009 or 2010, tuition will be $45,330.

Fees include $120 for Port Authority Transit, $370 for the technology fee, $242 for the student activities fee and a $10 media fee.

More than half of all CMU undergraduate students — 57 percent — receive financial aid, and the university continues to raise money for scholarships and other programs that provide financial assistance. CMU's fundraising efforts are ongoing to meet the financial needs of students and to maintain and improve the educational experience.

Recognized as one of the world's leading universities by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings (22), CMU finished 10th in the nation in The Wall Street Journal's Job Recruiter Rankings, where it was the only private university listed in the top 10.