Carnegie Mellon University
January 28, 2011

News Brief: Marinelli's "Mini-Museum"

Don Marinelli's office is a "mini-museum," says Pittsburgh Magazine writer Jonathan Wander, who featured Marinelli's Entertainment Technology Center (ETC) digs in the magazine's January issue.

The two-page spread, titled "Outer Office Space," pinpoints some of the interesting artifacts in the ETC Executive Producer's office. Marinelli's memorabilia includes:

  • A pictorial tribute to the late Randy Pausch, who with Marinelli co-founded the ETC;
  • A Beatles Abbey Road poster;
  • Vinyl records;
  • A model B-17 bomber;
  • A Roberto Clemente statue and Honus Wagner print;
  • An autographed framed photo of Jackie Gleason and Paul Newman in the 1961 movie "The Hustler";
  • SpongeBob SquarePants; and
  • A plethora of Pittsburgh Pirate bobbleheads.

"When people come in here, it's like a memory Rorschach test," Marinelli told Pittsburgh Magazine. "I've spent my life breaking down barriers between work and play, and my office is a testament to that."

Get a look at Marinelli's mini-museum online at

Bruce Gerson