Carnegie Mellon University
April 26, 2011

News Brief: Qatar Breaks Record

Carnegie Mellon Qatar Announces Record Number of Applicants and 
Attracts Highest Interest From Qatari Nationals

Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar announces a record number of applicants for the 2011-2012 incoming class. The number of applicants reached 670, an increase of 26 percent over last year. The growth reflects Education City's prestigious reputation and a greater awareness of Carnegie Mellon's presence in the region. This year's diverse applicant pool included prospective students from 64 nations as well as 230 Qatari nationals — the highest number in university history.

"Throughout the past year we have spent a lot of time and energy encouraging the top students in the region to apply to Carnegie Mellon Qatar," said Jarrod Mock, director of admission at Carnegie Mellon Qatar. "Through the greater use of social media and electronic communication we have provided students with accurate information about our programs and applications procedure. Our outreach has enabled us to develop strong relationships with secondary schools in Qatar and the region. The rise in applications is a result of the efforts of faculty and staff across the university delivering a world-class education."

The increase in applicants reflects the growing reputation of Carnegie Mellon Qatar's undergraduate program. The three top ranked programs at Carnegie Mellon Qatar — business administration, computer science, and information systems - are at the forefront of creating new technology, innovation and economic growth necessary for developing a knowledge-based society and improving quality of life in the community. Carnegie Mellon University is committed to Qatar's National Vision 2030.

Each of the academic programs experienced an increase in applications and the number of international applicants grew 71 percent.

"Through Qatar Foundation's promotion of Education City, as well as our own university efforts, Carnegie Mellon's presence in the Middle East is being advanced among the international community. Our highly selective undergraduate programs are known throughout the world for their academic excellence, a top priority among parents and students," Mock said.

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