Carnegie Mellon University

Temporary Staff Positions

The Carnegie Mellon University Temporary Employment Service (TES) provides temporary office support staff to the university. TES employees help departments to fill temporary vacancies, complete special projects or catch up on work assignments. Individuals with diverse educational backgrounds and levels of experience are welcome to apply. Once you have applied to TES, you need not apply again. Your credentials will be kept on file and reviewed when temporary positions become available.

Employees of varying skills are needed for different assignments. These are some of the positions that TES employees assume:

  • Receptionist
  • Data Entry Clerk
  • Administrative/Executive Assistant
  • Editorial Assistant
  • Financial Assistant
  • Alumni Relations Assistant
  • Computing Services Technical Support Staff
  • Enrollment Coordinator
  • Events Coordinator
  • Bookstore Retail Assistant
  • Program Assistant
  • A member of the TES team will review your online application and contact you if there is an interest in your credentials.
  • An interview may be arranged to further discuss your experience and availability. You will complete skills assessments on MS Word and MS Excel. You will be asked to provide employment references.
  • If a hiring decision is made, employment references will be completed and a background check will be conducted.
  • Upon successful completion of the above processes, an offer will be made to begin an assignment with TES.
  • TES will schedule a brief orientation for you to share valuable resources and help you complete required onboarding tasks prior to start of the assignment.
  • How long are assignments?
    Assignments vary in length from 1–2 days up to 2–3 months, and occasionally longer.
  • How soon will I be placed?
    We strive to fill positions as soon as possible. However, timing can depend on both the needs of the department and if your background/skills align with the temporary assignment.
  • Can a temporary opportunity transition into a regular position at the university?
    It is possible for the employee to be considered for a regular full- or part-time position if a vacancy exists upon completion of a competitive search by the department. TES does not guarantee that an offer of permanent employment will be made at any time.
  • Can I search for a full-time, permanent job at Carnegie Mellon while I am in a temporary position?
    Employees of TES are encouraged to continue their job search while working with TES. Working in TES will not prevent the candidate from being considered for other positions at the university. The experience gained on the assignments will help build the résumé, create networking opportunities and familiarize the TES employee with university policies and systems while allowing them to showcase skills and abilities.
  • Are TES employees eligible for benefits?
    TES employees are eligible for university benefits (except time off with pay) based on their hours of work and length of employment, in the same manner as other full- and part-time employees of the university. All employees are required to work the minimum number of hours to maintain their particular benefits eligibility status. Changes to work hours or gaps in employment may result in an interruption of benefits or a change to the benefit eligibility status.

    TES employees, regardless of whether they are full-time or part-time, are not eligible for time off with pay, which includes paid time off (PTO), paid holidays or floating holidays, paid bereavement leave and paid jury duty leave.