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Archer News Network Cyber Video Series

Videos are a great way to learn new topics in a fun and engaging way. The ISO is proud to offer video resources from Kerry Tomlinson at Archer News. These videos use Legos to express cyber security concepts. Check back often for new videos being added all the time! 

Account Protection

How long should my password be?
What is two-factor authentication?
What is a password manager?
how poisonous emails get through to you

Securing Your Home Environment

What is a VPN?
What is a firewall?
The Top 4 Ways to Secure Your Router

Cyber Security Threats

What is a zero-day?
What is Business Email Compromise?
What is account takeover?
What is credential stuffing?
What is a botnet?
What is DDoS?

Cyber Security Attacks

What is a remote access trojan?
What is Mimikatz?
What is EKANS?

Cyber Security Tools

What is encryption?
What is a honeypot?
What is a DMZ in a digital world?