Carnegie Mellon University

Make-Up Final Exams

These frequently asked questions were developed by the University Registrar’s Office to define and describe the make-up final examination day, which was added to the Official Final Exam Schedule starting in fall 2013.

The make-up final exam day, as it appears on the Academic Calendar, may be used by faculty, at their discretion, to schedule an alternate final exam for a student or subset of students due to final exam time period conflicts, such as direct conflicts or three exams in 25 hours.
In October 2012, Faculty Senate adopted a revised schedule for the final exam and reading day period to be implemented beginning with the 2014-2015 academic year. A ‘make-up’ final exam day was added at the end of the final exam schedule for the fall and spring semester.
The make-up final exam day is scheduled at the end of the each fall and spring final exam period. View the Academic Calendar.

The make-up final exam time is arranged by the faculty member. No particular times for the make-up exam are set or established; the schedule is flexible according to faculty and student(s) advance arrangements.

As is the case for other exams, faculty may request a classroom space via 25Live for the arranged time on the make-up final exam day.

Make-up final exams are not published in the official final exam schedule since the arrangements are scheduled between the faculty and students.