Carnegie Mellon University
March 20, 2020

Student Account Adjustments & Student Employment

Friday, March 20, 2020 (5 p.m., EST)

Student Account Adjustments Related to COVID-19

The university is currently planning for a comprehensive response for student account adjustments for housing and dining charges (for those who have moved out of the residence halls), and some fees. Detailed information will be posted and shared the week of March 23. We recognize the concern of students, families and bill payers to fully understand how these processes will work. Thank you for your patience.  

Student Employment & Federal Work-Study Related to COVID-19

Many hourly student employment positions at CMU have been disrupted as a result of the Coronavirus, and the local, state and university response to it. Students who are still working and are authorized to do so, even remotely, should continue regular time submission and payroll practices through Workday. PhD and master's students on stipends should expect such payments to continue through the spring 2020 semester via the sponsoring department or research unit. For students whose regular hourly employment has been disrupted or discontinued, please expect more comprehensive guidance the week of March 23. 

If disruption in work or coronavirus-related issues have caused any financial hardship or you are in need of immediate financial assistance, please contact The HUB at