Carnegie Mellon University

Margaret Morrison Hall

December 13, 2023

Upcoming Improvements to Preferred Name

In response to student feedback, we are pleased to announce that beginning January 11, 2024, the preferred name you have on file will be visible by default in the CMU Directory and Google Mail.

Designating a preferred name allows you to display a different name from your legal one in university systems, so advisors, administrators, and instructors can address you with this option.


To learn how to change the preferred name you have set, especially if your middle or last name appears twice, visit The HUB's Preferred Name webpage. We recommend doing this before classes start on January 16 so your instructors have the correct name for their roster.

As a reminder, you can choose to have directory information restricted by completing a Directory Information Restriction form and submitting it to The HUB.

Please reach out to our team at or 412-268-8186 if you have questions or concerns.