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Privacy Statement

All of the survey data you provide is the property of Carnegie Mellon University.

Before filling out an evaluation, you will be asked to log in with your Andrew account. The system uses this information to provide you with the appropriate course evaluations, and any information obtained during this process will be used solely for that purpose.

Once you complete an evaluation, your Andrew ID and any other personally-identifying information are stripped from your evaluation. If you have started an evaluation, but not completed it, this information will be stripped from your evaluation at the end of the evaluation period.

Although data collected from your evaluation does not contain personally-identifying information, your written comments could provide your instructors with clues to your identity. However, course instructors DO NOT have access to the results of their evaluations until after final grades have been submitted for the course.

Gap Technologies and their software application, SmartEvals, have met specific privacy and security standards in compliance with the Carnegie Mellon Information Security Office and with Computing Services. The university takes your privacy seriously, and all reasonable precautions to protect it have been taken. Please direct any questions or concerns about this issue to