Carnegie Mellon University

Temporary Employment Service

Who We Are

Temporary Employment Service staff members are a collaborative partner with hiring managers who need temporary office support. We are a recognized internal resource with a passion for providing excellent customer service and value to your organization.

Services We Offer

We provide temporary administrative/clerical office support for long- and short-term vacancies.

We offer a prescreened pool of diverse, well-qualified temporary candidates.

We perform a background check upon hire of every TES employee.

We manage the new-hire onboarding process, Workday record in TES and establishment of the Andrew account for TES employees.

We manage the employee throughout their employment with TES.

We assure quality placement with regular communication with the TES employee.

How We Can Help You

We can provide you with qualified long- or short-term temporary staffing when your department experiences:

— Position vacancies

— Leaves of absence

— Resignations or retirements

— Peak rush periods or special events