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Mary Parker, Manager of HR Administrative Operations, 412-268-1243

Michelle Piekutowski, Associate Vice President and CHRO, 412-268-1243

Jennifer Gross, Benefits Administration Manager, 412-268-5075

Joyce Heckmann, Assistant Vice President and Deputy CHRO, 412-268-5402

Jack Kennedy, Director of Benefits, 412-268-1193

Amelia Kephart, Leaves Administrator

Stephanie Longmire, Benefits Coordinator, 412-268-2047

Matt McCabe, Manager, Leaves Administration, 412-268-5899

Becky McGhee, Senior Benefits Administrator, 412-268-5076

Brad Truxell, Benefits Administrator, 412-268-8197

Andrew Pujol, Manager, Compensation and Executive Compensation Programs, 412-268-2606

Lisa Vaccaro, Compensation Manager, 412-268-6728

La Dawn Robinson, EOS Associate, 412-268-3930

Everett Tademy, Assistant Vice President, EOS; University Ombudsperson, 412-268-1018

Diana Avart, HR Coordinator — Shared Services

Barbara Baker, Global HCM Advisor, 412-268-5232

Darrell Baltimore, Global HCM Benefits Analyst, 412-268-5304

Hanna Bernauer, HR Coordinator — Shared Services

Melissa Carrozza, Manager of Global HCM Advisors, 412-268-4305

Karen Dottle, Global HCM Advisor, 412-268-4341

Kristine Gil, HR Coordinator — Shared Services

Molly Gordon, HCM Analyst, 412-268-5233

John Graner, HCM Analyst, 412-268-4044

Nadine Hobeck, Interim Global HCM Advisor, 412-268-3071

Michele Ley, Global HCM Advisor, 412-268-4302

Rachael Pudimat, HR Coordinator — Shared Services

Greg Shughart, HCM Support Manager, 412-268-5564

Andrea Yanego, Assistant Vice President, HR Services, 412-268-3191

Bryce Yoder, HR Coordinator — Shared Services

Ellie Monaco, Senior Director of Learning and Development, 412-268-1942

Todd Rosignoli, Organizational Change and Communications Manager

Heather Wainer, Marketing/Communications Professional, 412-268-4555

Emily Wood, Technical Writer

ShaNay Baker, HR Coordinator, University Advancement, 412-268-1011

Dan Corletti, Director of Human Resources, University Advancement, 412-268-7337

Emily Dennis, Director of Learning and Performance, University Advancement, 412-268-1417

Johnene Folds Bogard, HR Manager, 412-268-9555

Gloria Gruber, Senior Director, People and Organizational Effectiveness, 412-268-9685

Jamell Mihalik, HR Manager, 412-268-1759

Allison Parshall, HR Manager, 412-268-6870

Nancy Snyder, HR Manager, 412-268-5759

Clare Sun, Assistant Director of Human Resources, University Advancement, 412-268-2371

Frank Varrati, HR Generalist, 412-268-8692

Karen Eck, HR Project Manager, 412-268-5997

Dawn Fisher, Manager, Policy and Compliance, 412-268-5235

Ericha Geppert, Child Protection Operations Specialist, 412-268-3291

Shabaki Lambert, Assistant Vice President, Strategic Initiatives, 412-268-1192

Holly Ryan, Background Clearance Coordinator

Nick Stames, Manager, Data and Analytics, 412-268-3458

Will Assink, HR Technology Solutions Architect, 412-268-3468

David Burzese, Senior Principal Software Engineer, 412-268-3862

Vijay Doddi, HR Technology Solutions and Integrations Architect, 412-268-3795

Heather Hinkel, HR Technology Solutions Architect, 412-268-5305

Chrissy Lacher, HR Technology Solutions Consultant, 412-268-9162

Rita Motor, HR Technology Operations Support Analyst, 412-268-8071

Christopher Piccolo, Principal Enterprise Cloud Engineer, 412-268-4867

Kameico Robinson, HR Technology Operations Support Analyst, 412-268-2054

Linda Schmidt, Manager, HR Technology Services, 412-268-1976

Claire Slack, HR Technology Solutions Architect, 412-268-2118

Nathan Tracanna, Assistant Vice President, HR Technology, 412-268-9092

Irina Ueno, HR Technology Solutions Architect, 412-268-3596

Peiqun Xia, HR Technology Integrations Architect, 412-268-2186

Nico Yeager, HR Technology Solutions and Integrations Architect, 412-268-5301

Lisa Zamperini, Director, HR Technology Operations, 412-268-5950

Lauren Johnson, Project Coordinator, 412-268-9099

Adam Marks, Training Manager, 412-268-5070

Jessica McDonald, Training Coordinator, 412-268-1642

Ellie Monaco, Senior Director of Learning and Development, 412-268-1942

Todd Rosignoli, Organizational Change and Communications Manager

Mike Belgrove, HR Recruiting Coordinator, 412-268-2012

Elizabeth Cooper, Senior Recruiter, 412-268-7366

Nuvia Nishad, Recruiter, 412-268-7374

Nikhil Shirali, Senior Recruiter, 412-268-3673

Melissa Sotelo, Director, Talent Acquisition, 412-268-9466

Valerie Drwal, HR Retirement Administrator, 412-268-8481

Shawn Graham, HR Retirement Administrator, 412-268-5077

Christopher Yoest, Manager, Retirement Administration, 412-268-6256

Pat Schaller, Manager, Temporary Employment Service, 412-268-7478

Allison Turner, Employment Specialist, Temporary Employment Service, 412-268-5073