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Supervisor Resources for Managing Hybrid Teams


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  • Creating an Adaptable Team (40 minutes) — How to build a flexibility, growth and courage mindset, improve your critical thinking skills and become a better conflict manager.
  • Finding Flow in Hybrid Work (42 minutes) — Why maintaining flow is crucial to your success, and how you can find your own routine even when your team is distributed or you're working remotely from home. Learn strategies to better structure your time, approach your work and increase team synergy so everyone gets the most of their everyday work experience — regardless of where they’re located.
  • Holding Your Team Accountable (51 minutes) — Explore ways to create a workplace culture of accountability that encourages trust, motivates high standards and establishes credibility for leaders.
  • How to Support Your Employees' Well-Being (34 minutes) — Provides tools based on brain science to help you be a source of strength and support for your employees. Understand your role in your employees’ well-being and how you can positively impact your employees’ experience at work.  
  • Making Hybrid Teams Work (1 hour 8 minutes) — Learn how to help virtual teams connect emotionally and mentally, as well as feel empowered to share their experiences and perspectives. Plus, get tips for restoring your team's energy through recognition and shared goal achievement, boosting your team's agility and more.
  • Managing Virtual Teams (1 hour 17 minutes) — Understand the key factors that will ensure productivity, engagement and growth, as well as a manager’s role in building trust, removing roadblocks, nurturing connections with team members and setting clear goals.
  • Prepare for Returning to the Workplace (42 minutes) — Strengthen your emotional health, communication and work performance when returning to work after a hiatus.
  • Supporting Your Team as Offices Reopen (35 minutes) — Help your team thrive as you move forward with a new and improved “normal.”

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