Carnegie Mellon University

There are two sections of our website that will help you find information about Carnegie Mellon University’s programs:

  • I know which program I will be applying to:
This information varies by department, so be sure to visit the department website and look for specific details. Relevant information is often listed under Admissions, Prospective Students, and/or Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).
Apply directly to the department/program for which you would like to be considered. Follow the directions provided on the department website.
This information varies by department, so be sure to visit the department website and look for specific details on application instructions. There is no central graduate school so make sure you use the appropriate departmental mailing address for transcripts and department codes for transmitting the test scores.
The departments do not assess a student’s qualifications until a full application has been received and processed. Some departments provide a few guidelines regarding the level of competitiveness. If provided, this would be found on the department website.
Most academic departments require standardized admissions exams. These will vary depending on the program, so pay special attention to application requirements for each program.

TOEFL or IELTS scores are required of all international students whose native language is not English. If your native language is not English but you attended an English-speaking institution for your undergraduate degree, please check with the department to determine if you will need to take the TOEFL or IELTS exam.

Information on exams:
Contact the department(s) that you would like to visit. 
Yes. Note that in most cases you will need to complete separate applications for each, so be sure to look closely at each program’s application requirements for any differences – do not assume that you can submit the exact same materials for each.
Information regarding tuition and fees is provided through the HUB and varies by college and/or program.
For the most part, students in the Master's programs are self-supporting and Ph.D. students are at least partially funded and encouraged to apply to fellowships as well. Each department manages their own graduate student funding. Applicants should seek information from the department of interest for their specific opportunities. Additional resources for financial assistance can be found here.
Check the department website – many departments have a list of Frequently Asked Questions that will address common issues. If the problem is not addressed on the website, contact the department directly.
Check the department website for an admission notification timeline or contact the department’s graduate program coordinator. Please note that during peak admission season, there may be a delay in response time.
Graduate housing is not provided by Carnegie Mellon. However, Pittsburgh has a variety of affordable housing options, friendly neighborhoods, and easily accessible public transportation. Click here for a number of resources.
Once admitted, you will attend a number of orientations before the start of the semester.

The University-wide Graduate Student Orientation:

The International Graduate Student Orientation:
  • Focuses on completing mandatory immigration check-in and immigration, adjustment and practical information to address the unique needs of international students
  • Required for international students
  • Registration is highly recommended. A link to the online registration will be available on the OIE website prior to the orientation. 
  • Questions should be directed to the Office of International Education

Your department orientation:
  • Schedule will vary by department
  • Questions should be directed to your department