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Garrison Retiring after 36 years at MSE-CMU

November 16, 2020

Garrison Retiring after 36 years at MSE-CMU

After more than 36 years on the faculty of the Materials Science and Engineering Department, Professor Warren M. Garrison will be retiring. Professor Garrison received a bachelor’s degree in Physics from UC Berkeley, a master’s degree in Physics from UC Davis, and his Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from UC Berkeley. He then spent one year as a Research Engineer at UC Berkeley and three years at Sandia Laboratories, Livermore. Warren came to Carnegie Mellon University in the summer 1984 and joined what was then the Department of Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science and is now the Department of Materials Science and Engineering.

Garrison's principal research interests are the areas of fracture and deformation, structure-property relationships and alloy development. In the area of alloy development he has developed a new shaft alloy for use in engines produced by General Electric Aircraft Engines, developed a low alloy steel immune to quench cracking, and developed ultra-high strength stainless steels suitable for service in aircraft landing gear. His research has led to numerous publications and patents. He is a Fellow of ASM and a Fellow of the Indian Institute of Metals. He has also been the recipient of the Best Paper Award from The Welding Journal, the Edgar Bain Award from the Golden Triangle Chapter of ASM, and the Philbrook Prize for Excellence in Education. He was also an Associate Editor of Metallurgical and Materials Transactions for 19 years.

Warren taught many classes while at CMU and is particularly well known for teaching Thermodynamics to generations of MSE students in multiple decades. He was also a department undergraduate academic advisor, chaired undergraduate recruiting efforts, and served on numerous department and college committees throughout his tenure. After his retirement at the end of 2020 he will become a Professor Emeritus.

Congratulations to Prof. Garrison on your career of excellence in research and education!

The MSE department is planning a celebration in honor of Warren's career - when it is safe to do so. Hopefully in the near future!