Carnegie Mellon University
May 10, 2017

Laughlin wins Edward DeMille Campbell Memorial Lecture Award

MSE Professor David Laughlin has won the Edward DeMille Campbell Memorial Lecture Award from ASM. This is an annual lecture that was inaugurated in 1926 in memory and recognition of the distinguished educator, Edward DeMille Campbell, and his outstanding scientific contributions to the metallurgical profession. Campbell had a very successful academic career, even though he was blinded at age 28 as the result of a laboratory explosion. The list of people who were previously honored by this award include famed metallurgist such as Edgar Bain and Cyril Stanley Smith. An abbreviated list of other famous metallurgists with a CMU affiliation that have previously received this award includes Robert F. Mehl, Clarence Zener, John P. Hirth, Harold W. Paxton, Thaddeus B. Massalski, Paul G. Shewmon, and Subra Suresh. David will present the lecture at the MS&T meeting which will be held Pittsburgh, October 2017.