Carnegie Mellon University
February 18, 2016

ASM International - Young Members Honored

On February 18, the ASM (ASM International / American Society for Metals) Pittsburgh Golden Triangle Chapter hosted its 2016 Young Members’ Night at the University Club.

Mr. Jon Tirpak, President of ASM International served as the guest speaker for the evening. Whitney Schoenthal, Ph.D. candidate in Materials Science at Carnegie Mellon was the student speaker at the event. However, the main focus of the evening was distribution of awards honoring its young members. Amoung those, four MSE students received top awards:

Joshua Kubiak won the award for the outstanding senior,

Rekha Schnepf won 1st place in the undergraduate poster contest:  “Structural and optical characterization of electron beam evaporated SNS films”.

In the graduate student category first place went to Luke Klosterman: “The metal-melanin bond: making it and breaking it”,

and third place to Jenifer Hajzus: “Contacts to layered semi conductors with 2D applications”