Carnegie Mellon University
May 14, 2015

CMU-MSE-CISR collaborate with counterparts in Beijing, China

CMU-MSE-Center for Iron & Steel Making Research visit Beijing, ChinaFirst Row (from left to right):
Wanlin Wang, Professor, Associate Dean/Director, Central South University
Guanghua Wen, Professor, Chongqing University, China
Fumitaka Tsukihashi, Professor, The University of Tokyo
Seshadri Seetharaman, Professor, KTH
Jong-Jin Pak, Professor & Associate Dean, Hanyang University
Dong-Joon Min, Professor, Dean, Department of MSE, Yonsei University
Hiroyuki Shibata, Professor, Tohoku University

Second Row (from left to right):
Cong Wang, Professor, Northeastern University
Hiroyuki Matsuura, Associate Professor, The University of Tokyo
Guangguang Yu, Manager, Danieli China
Bryan Webler, Assistant Professor, Carnegie Mellon University
Xiaofang Jiang, Baosteel Company
Zuotai Zhang, Professor, Peking University

In May 2015, faculty, alumni, and friends of MSE’s Center for Iron & Steelmaking Research (CISR) met for dinner at the International Congress on the Science and Technology of Steelmaking in Beijing, China. The group pictured represents a part of the strong collaborations CISR has with universities and companies in Asia.