Carnegie Mellon University
July 01, 2015

Lin, Mahoney, Nguyen receive NRC fellowships

Lin, Mahoney, Nguyen receive NRC fellowships

Three MSE 2015 PhD graduates: Brian Lin, Clare Mahoney and Lily Nguyen have been awarded fellowships through the National Research Council (NRC) Research Associateship Program (RAP). The mission of the NRC–RAP is to promote excellence in scientific and technological research conducted by the U.S. government through the administration of programs offering graduate, postdoctoral, and senior level research opportunities at sponsoring federal laboratories and affiliated institutions. The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine Fellowships Office has conducted the NRC Research Associateship Programs in cooperation with sponsoring federal laboratories and other research organizations approved for participation since 1954. The post-doctoral positions are applied for, which has 4 review cycles each year.

Clare Mahoney will pursue research at the Air Force Research Laboratory in Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio, working in the field of optical engineering of polymer nanocomposites in the laboratories of Richard Vaia. Clare completed her PhD under the supervision of Professor Michael Bockstaller on elucidating the governing parameters that dictate thermal transport in polymer nano composites.

Brian Lin will be a post-doctoral associate at the Center for Automotive Lightweighting (NCAL) at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in Gaithersburg, Maryland. He will continue his interests of microstructure characterization and evolution in the field of advanced high strength steels and aluminum alloys for automotive parts. The objectives of the NCAL are to develop the measurement methodology, standards and analysis necessary for industry to transition to advanced lightweight materials for auto body components, and successfully transfer this technology to the customers of the automotive industry. Brian has been co-advised by Professor Gregory S. Rohrer and Professor Anthony D. Rollett in which he has been studying the mechanisms responsible for the formation of annealing twins in face-centered cubic nickel.

Lily Nguyen has accepted an offer as a post-doctoral NRC research associate and will work at the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) in Washington, DC. She will conduct research in advanced characterization of 3D material microstructures. NRL is the corporate research laboratory for the Navy and Marine Corps and conducts a broad program of scientific research, technology and advanced development. Lily studied quantification of microstructural evolution using moment invariants and had been advised by Professor Marc DeGraef.