Carnegie Mellon University
August 29, 2016

MSE alum awarded TMS paper award

MSE alum Yiling Zhang (M.S. 2010, Ph.D. 2013) has been chosen as the recipient of the 2014 TMS LIGHT METALS DIVISION ENERGY BEST STUDENT PAPER AWARD. Thisaward recognizes the individual excellence of a paper exemplifying the application of science in solving a practical problem related to an energy Topic.

The award winning paper was published in Energy Technology 2014, was co-authored with his advisors, Professor Paul Salvador and Professor Gregory Rohrer, and is entitled "Ferroelectric-Enhanced Photocatalysis with TiO2/BiFeO3".

Formal presentation of the award will be made at the Energy Committee Meeting on Tuesday, March 17 in in Orlando, Florida, during the 144th TMS Annual Meeting.