Carnegie Mellon University

MSE Seminar Series

Friday, October 15, 2021 @12:20pm
*Remote course - Zoom link will be provided

Georg Winkler, Researcher, Computation Physics and Condensed Matter Theory, Microsoft

Realistic modelling of Majorana devices

One of the largest obstacles to scalable quantum computing are errors caused by decoherence. Topological quantum computing uses materials with topological properties limiting errors by their very nature. In this seminar I will give a brief introduction on how to engineer topological superconductor nanowires, a crucial building block of topological quantum computers. To understand and optimally design such nanowire devices sophisticated modelling of their physics is required. I will discuss how to simulate  nanowire devices and compare simulation results to various experiments.

Georg W. Winkler is senior researcher at Microsoft Station Q in Santa Barbara. His George W. Winklerresearch interests include topological materials, quantum computation and simulations of topological devices. Georg W. Winkler was born and raised in Austria. He did his undergraduate studies at the Technical University Graz and then received a Ph.D. from ETH Zurich in the group of Matthias Troyer specializing on computational physics and topological materials.