Carnegie Mellon University

Program Overview

The Humanities Scholars Program has a tight learning community for studentss through their undergraduate careers.

The program offers an unparalleled undergraduate experience that values exploratory learning, community development, individual examination of ideas and engagement with the campus, Pittsburgh and international communities.

The small group of scholars develops a shared intellectual curiosity by living together freshman year, taking a seminar class together each semester for their first two years and participating in a research seminar during their final semester. Additionally, the program promotes and sponsors events and outings to expand opportunities for scholars to learn outside of the classroom.

Neither a major or minor, the program enhances the undergraduate experience by offering the benefits of a learning community and systematically exposing students to the analytical complexities of inquiry in the humanities. The HSP attracts curious, talented students interested in exploring the humanities and eager to make their own contributions.

All of the HSP courses fulfill college requirements, usually in the general education categories. The first seminar counts towards the freshman seminar class required of all Dietrich College first-year students.

While most HSP scholars eventually have majors within one of the four humanities departments at Carnegie Mellon (EnglishHistoryPhilosophy or Modern Languages) they are also free to pursue other majors or programs at Carnegie Mellon.