Carnegie Mellon University

Extracurricular Activities

HSP Scholars involve themselves in a great number of extracurricular activities, both on and off campus.

Get Involved

Many scholars are involved or hold leadership positions in clubs or organizations on campus, many scholars also work or volunteer for community organizations, and many are employed by or volunteer for organizations throughout Pittsburgh.

Some Scholars become involved in programs that grow directly out of HSP coursework or university activities, such as Conflict Kitchen, Jovenes Sin Nombre or the Carnegie Mellon International Film Festival.

Additionally, students attend outings and events organized by the program or specific instructors. These outings range from performances or exhibitions on campus, cultural activities in Pittsburgh, informal group dinners or field trips to augment the classroom experience. In order to understand the works of Goethe, the HSP travelled to Toronto to see Gounod’s Faust by the Canadian Opera Company. When a seminar examined the work of Picasso and Matisse, the class travelled to Philadelphia to see the Barnes Foundation and investigated the politics of art. A seminar that compared the urban systems of Chicago and New York went to Manhattan to examine the changing scale of urban form.

Study Abroad

In a globalizing society, the university encourages students to explore the options of studying abroad for a summer, a semester, or a year. The HSP is structured to support study abroad, and encourages students to investigate these opportunities by contacting the Study Abroad Office.

Starting in 2013, HSP Scholars may apply to the program for support to study abroad or complete internships, or attend academic conferences. These grants, which can be used alone or in conjunction with other funds, can range up to $3,000 in order to help students experience learning away from campus.

Get Together

Additional activities can be simply recreational in nature, and can be initiated by students. These can be an HSP dinner, a trip to a local museum or performance, a sporting event or other activities. Students can apply for reimbursement if at least two Scholars participate, at the Director’s discretion.