Carnegie Mellon University

The Major in Global Studies

Global Studies is an interdisciplinary major offered by the History Department for students interested in humanistic approaches to understanding past and present processes of globalization.  Core faculty include of members of the history department trained in anthropology and history in addition to faculty in the departments of English and modern languages. Faculty conduct research in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and the Pacific. The rigorous yet flexible Global Studies curriculum combines anthropology, history, literary and cultural studies, and advanced language training in order to help students make sense of complex interactions among global processes, regional and local cultures, and societal structures.
Global Studies students seek both curricular and metacurricular opportunities to develop a critical understanding of global issues in order to become engaged "citizens of the world." Our majors both excel in the classroom and are active outside the classroom, participating in events and lectures, joining and leading student organizations, studying abroad, interning, doing undergraduate research, and applying for prestigious and national scholarships.

Global Studies is an attractive choice for students who wish to pursue graduate study or careers in law, teaching, government, business, and international development. Second language acquisition, which the Global Studies major requires, is a key value added skill that will assist graduates in finding interesting job opportunities.

Global Studies alumni are doing great work around the world! The alumni profiles gathered here represent just a few of the many career pathways our students pursue post-graduation. In all cases, our alumni tell us that they have benefited from a combination of critical reading, research, analytical writing, and foreign language skills acquired via Global Studies. Our alumni are not only successful professionals, they are taking on global problems via creative engagement on local, national and international levels.