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Program Support

General Education Steering Committee

The Steering Committee provides constructive and timely feedback to enhance the General Education program. The committee meets weekly and is comprised of representatives from each of the 10 academic departments within Dietrich College and members of the Dean’s Office.

Meet the Steering Committee Members:

Faculty Representatives:

  • Zach Branson, Statistics & Data Science
  • John Chin, CMIST
  • Chante Cox-Boyd, Psychology
  • Ricky Law, History
  • Gang Liu, Languages, Cultures & Applied Linguistics
  • Raja Sooriamurthi, Information Systems
  • David Shumway, English
  • Joel Smith, Philosophy
  • Steve Spear, Economics

Dean’s Office Representatives:

  • Amy Burkert, Vice Provost for Education
  • Sharon Carver, Associate Dean for Educational Affairs
  • Joseph E. Devine, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies
  • Joanna Dickert, Assistant Dean of Educational Experience Assessment
  • Colleen Libertz, General Education Program Manager
  • Kelli Maxwell, Associate Dean for Student Success
  • Kim Piatt, Director of Experiential Learning
  • Richard Scheines, Bess Family Dean of Dietrich College
  • Nuria Ballesteros Soria, General Education Lecturer

Student Advisory Board

The Student Advisory Board partners with members of the General Education Steering Committee to share feedback and insights on their perceptions and experiences as current students. This feedback is used to inform decisions related to the growth and development of the General Education Program. The Student Advisory Board meets bi-weekly and is comprised of first-year and sophomore students from a variety of academic disciplines.

Dietrich College Council

The Dietrich College Council reviews and votes on all academic policy and curricular decisions for the College, including those related to the General Education Program. The College Council is made up of the dean, associate deans, department heads, faculty/staff representatives, and three student representatives: one graduate student and two undergraduate.

Meet the College Council members