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The Carnegie Mellon Institute for Strategy and Technology (CMIST) offers a wide variety of educational and professional opportunities that leverage the insights of our world-renowned security experts and harness the educational capacity of a leading technology institution.

Military Fellows Program

Since its inception in 2015, the Military Fellows Program at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) has welcomed service members from the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard each year who bring their wealth of experience as seasoned leaders to the academic environment. Our fellows spend their time at CMU researching, attending classes, participating in conferences, engaging in cutting-edge simulations, networking across the campus community, and providing mentorship to our students. The goal is to bring accomplished military and national security leaders to campus to harness the intellectually rich opportunities at CMU and study the wide-ranging implications of technological innovations for domestic and international security. 

cmist-dan-zisa-800x800.png   Lieutenant Colonel Dan Zisa, US Army War College Fellow

cmist-pratiksha-patel-800x800.png   Lieutenant Commander Pratiksha Patel, US Navy Fellow  

cmist-kenneth-sauerbrunn-800x800.png   Commander Kenneth Sauerbrunn, US Coast Guard Fellow

cmist-bridget-pantaelon-800x800.png   Major Bridget Pantaelon, US Air Force National Defense Fellow

Lieutenant Colonel Kelly Ryan, US Army War College Fellow
  • Research: Moving Towards a Secure Enterprise Data Analytics Solution
  • Alumni update: Promoted to Colonel

Captain Robert Woodruff, US Navy Fellow 

Commander Chris Culpepper, US Coast Guard Fellow

Commander Fred Bertsch, US Coast Guard Fellow 
  • Research: Preparing the Service for the use, implementation, and application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Alumni update: Military Professor & Senior Service Advisor Joint Military Operations Department; US Naval War College

Commander Kimberley Manuel, US Navy Fellow

  • Research: Russia’s Winning Move

Lieutenant Colonel Steve Curtis, US Army War College Fellow

  • Research: The impact of innovation on intelligence and necessary adaptation between now and 2035; the paper will cover broad implications, but drill down four themes on how we collect, and protect, information in the future.

Commander Clinton Christofk, US Navy Fellow

  • Research: Investing in Asymmetry: Battle Force 2045 and Maintaining Undersea Dominance 

Colonel Michael Needham, US Army War College Fellow

Lieutenant Commander Eren D. Cataloglu, US Navy Fellow

Lieutenant Colonel Mark Zais, US Army War College Fellow 

  • Research: First Place in 2020 Department of Defense, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff National Defense Strategy Paper Award.
  • Alumni update:
    • Integration Innovation, Inc.; Senior Technologist (Data Science), Aug 2022-PRESENT
    • USSOCOM · Full-time USSOCOM · Full-time Jun 2020 - Jun 2022; Chief Data Scientist

Lieutenant Colonel Daniel C. Wood, US Army War College Fellow 

  • Research: The DoD’s Pursuit of Artificial Intelligence: A Strategic Risk-Cost-Benefit Analysis

Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan W. Hughes, US Army War College Fellow 

  • Research: Countering Russia in the Gray Zone: A Case for AI

Colonel Harold L. La Rock, II, US Army War College Fellow 

  • Research: Improving Strategic Risk Assessment and Communication

Colonel Mary Lou Hall, US Army War College Fellow 

  • Research: System 3: Artificial Intelligence in Decision Making
  • Alumni Update:
    • Chief Data Scientist, Directorate for Analysis, Defense Intelligence Agency
    • US Army, Director, Program, Budget and Acquisition, Joint Artificial Intelligence Center, May 2019-Oct 2021
    • Chief Data Scientist, Defense Portfolio, Accenture Federal Services · Oct 2021

Professional Education

Our professional education courses are designed to meet the unique needs of organizations seeking to fully leverage their human talent while operating at the intersection of security, strategy and technology. The program of learning combines cutting-edge tech, strategic thinking, and practical knowledge, enabling immediately applicable insights. Through collaborative design, the unique programming sets conditions for any organization to stay at the forefront of innovation by priming their workforce to better leverage technological change. Our team of experts build custom courses to incorporate artificial intelligence, machine learning, prompt engineering, cybersecurity, robotics, automation, computer vision, and other emerging technologies shaping the future of national and international security.

Why Choose CMIST?

  • Expert Faculty: Learn from industry experts, accomplished practitioners, and thought leaders who bring real-world insights to each course.
  • Customized Learning Curriculum: Tailor education courses with curriculum that aligns with specific career goals and organizational needs.
  • Global Network: Join a vibrant community of professionals, fostering valuable connections and collaborations across industries and geographies.
  • Practical Application: Our courses emphasize practical application, ensuring that you can immediately apply your newfound knowledge and skills in your professional life.


Interested in creating an executive education program?

lopez-ralph-f23-800x800-min.png     Contact CMIST Deputy Director for Security Policy Studies, Dr. Ralph Lopez.