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MS IRP Final Thesis

cmist-thesis-700x700.jpgAll MS IRP students must complete a thesis in their final semester.

The Master’s thesis is produced during the final year of graduate study, and is a culmination of IRP graduate work. It allows students to apply their learned quantitative and qualitative methodological skillset to a practical, field-relevant problem of their choice. Examples of students’ current and past Master’s thesis topics are listed below. 

2022 Graduates

Student name Thesis topic
Ruilin Chen

The role of non-state actor IMF in corruption and bureaucratic quality in developing nations

Jordyn Gilliard

Understanding the impact presidential rhetoric has on coalition building

Austin Goetz

A Supreme Motivation: The Drivers of Senate Confirmation Vote Behavior from Bork to Jackson

Jeffrey Ko Private Military Organizations, Resource Concessions, and Conflict Termination
James Summers

The Drivers of Public Support for Military Withdrawal

Sujay Utkarsh Politics and Climate Change: Understanding the Factors and Conditions That Lead to the Adoption of Corrective Climate Policies
Eoin Wilson-Manion

Airstrike Effects and Civilian Attitudes in Yemen

Millie Zhang

The Power of Positive Visual Narratives on Public Perceptions of Terrorism

Xiong "Cathy" Zhu

Do BITs Cause Opposition Between Investor Right and Environmental Protection?

2021 Graduates

Student name Thesis Topic Thesis Advisor
Gabriella Bettino

Treaties and Conflict: Lessons for the Military Application of Cyberspace

Madison Schramm
Alexander Oh

The Effect of Internet Regulation on Political Radicalization: A Case Study of Five Democratic Countries

Daniel Silverman
Peter Rezk

Reducing Police Discrimination: Lessons from International Departments

Ignacio Arana

Spring 2020 Graduates

Student name Thesis Topic Thesis Advisor
Jure Erlic Shuffling or Eliminating: The OECD Anti-bribery Convention's impact on global financial corruption Daniel Hansen

Aysar Gharaibeh

Misinformation & Truth Distortion Colin Clarke
Micah Rabin Voter Suppression Rhetoric and Voter Turnout in United States’ Election Cycles Dan Silverman
Kimberly Huang Public-Elite Decision Making Gap on Drones in the US

Dani Nedal

Antonio Freiria Truman to Trump: Analyzing Foreign Policy Campaign Promises

Ignacio Arana

Spring 2019 Graduates

Student Name Thesis Topic Thesis Advisor
Ian Asenjo Reflections of Resistance: A Generational Comparison of the Sikh Diaspora Dan Silverman
Kellen Carleton Private Sector Compliance with Federal Cybersecurity Requirements Molly Dunigan
Michael Gormley Originalism: A Critical Analysis Geoff McGovern
Raaga Kalva Diversionary War by Tweet? An Analysis of Domestic Pressure and Foreign Policy Belligerence in the Trump Era Dan Silverman
Jacqueline Puschmann Like Father, Unlike Son: The Effects of Political Dynasties on Governance Ignacio Arana
Colin Tait The Transnational Diffusion of Peace Ignacio Arana

Spring 2018 Graduates

Student Name Thesis Topic Thesis Advisor
Borge Feliz Consequences of State Support for Non- State Armed Groups (NAGs) in Strategic Rivalries Molly Dunigan
Alex Lin Russia, Cyberspace, and Organized Crime Colin Clarke
Alexandra Pasch U.S. Secret Courts: A Primer on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Courts Geoff McGovern
Rahmon Ross Effects of Institutional Change on the Prevention of Terrorist Attacks following large scale terror events Colin Clarke
Susanna Seltzer Liberty and Safety: A Quantitative Analysis of Civil Liberties and Terror in the West Gio Altamirano Rayo
Rob Stephens A Loose Pack: Profiles of Lone Wolf Terrorists in the U.S.

Daniel Silverman