Carnegie Mellon University

Space and National Security

Course Number: 84-372

Space systems contribute a great deal to America's security, prosperity, and quality of life. This course examines how space-based services provide critical support to military and intelligence operations and contribute to national security more broadly. The course is designed to investigate several interrelated themes, weaving together relevant aspects of technology, strategy, and policy. The material is approached from both functional and historical perspectives, beginning with the basics of military and intelligence space operations and ending with an examination of the space- and cyber-related technical, strategic, and political challenges facing the nation today and in the foreseeable future.

Academic Year: 2023-2024
Semester(s): Spring
Units: 9
Location(s): Pittsburgh

Spring 2024
7:00-9:50 PM

Elective course for the following CMIST degrees:
BS International Relations and Political Science
Additional Major in International Relations and Political Science
BS Economics and Politics
Additional Major in Economics and Politics
Minor in International Relations and Political Science
Minor in Cybersecurity and International Conflict
Minor in Military Strategy and International Relations