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Daniel Silverman

Daniel Silverman

Assistant Professor, Carnegie Mellon Institute for Strategy & Technology

  • Posner Hall 378
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213


Daniel Silverman is an Assistant Professor of Political Science in the Carnegie Mellon Institute for Strategy & Technology (CMIST). His research focuses on international security, political psychology, and the politics of the Middle East and the wider Islamic world. He is particularly interested in the psychological factors – including the biases and misperceptions – that drive conflicts, and how they can be mitigated or leveraged to promote peace. 

To date, his research is published or forthcoming in International Organization, International Studies Quarterly (twice), the Journal of Conflict Resolution (three times), the Journal of Peace Research, Security Studies, Political Research Quarterly, and Studies in Conflict and Terrorism. Before arriving at CMU, he received his PhD in political science at the Ohio State University and his BA in political science at the University of Pennsylvania. More detailed information is available on his website.


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