Carnegie Mellon University

Program Requirements

All programs that work with minors and are affiliated with Carnegie Mellon University should follow the guidelines listed below:

  • Register on an annual basis; however, the addition of new volunteers and/or staff members should be reported to Child Protection Operations as changes occur, and this registration should be updated each semester if new club members will be participating in activities with minors. No program member or one-time volunteer will be allowed to work with kids if they are not listed in the registration, so think ahead about who will be participating before the next registration cycle.
  • Identify the responsible person who will be on-site for your program’s event(s). This leader MUST have valid background certifications on file with the Office of Human Resources, and copies emailed to It is the responsibility of the group leader to ensure background certifications are valid and received, and the Responsible Party form has been completed and delivered to Child Protection Operations.
  • Follow the guidelines for maximum number of children per adult. The ratio of care is as follows:
Ages Day Guests Overnight Guests (see section D2)
4–6 1:6 Must be accompanied by parent/guardian
6–8 1:8 Must be accompanied by parent/guardian
9–14 1:10 1:8
15–17 1:12 1:10
  • Provide signed permission and medical release forms for minor participants. Programs can download sample forms and modify to fit the program date and activities. All releases must be signed by child’s parent or guardian before the start of the program.
  • Obtain signed photo permission forms if the program is planning to take photos of children. Programs can download sample photo permission forms and modify to fit the program date, activities and any other pertinent information. A photo release form for a child must be signed before that child can be photographed.
  • Provide program information for parents, either online or as a handout. All sites will be listed under our Registered Programs section of the Child Protection Operations site.
  • Follow mandated reporter guidelines. Each participant of the program is responsible for reporting any signs of child abuse to the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services Childline AND either their supervisor, University Police or the Office of General Counsel. Each program must responsibly report based on guidelines.
  • Programs should adhere to all information stated in program registration documents and follow-up email. Any changes to activities, locations or other information must be approved by Child Protection Operations.
  • Programs seeking renewal must register annually, updating earlier if changes in program information or participants occur. 
  • If a program or activity is affiliated with human subjects in research studies, it must be approved by the Institutional Review Board (IRB).