Carnegie Mellon University


All CMU employees and volunteers working with minors in a CMU-affiliated program or as an individual for a CMU-affiliated project should comply with the following guidelines:

1) A registration form must be submitted for each program, course or activity involving minors at least 30 days prior to the start date. Programs, courses or activities that operate periodically must register annually. All programs, activities and courses involving minors must register with Child Protection Operations before beginning interactions with minors. Registration is required on an annual basis; however, the addition of new volunteers and/or university employees should be reported to Child Protection Operations as changes occur. If you have questions about the registration process, please contact

2) Follow the Best Practices for Individuals and Program Requirements.

3) Designate a Responsible Party (mandatory) and Back-up Responsible Party (recommended) for events with minors. The Responsible Party must have valid background certifications and must have provided copies of these certifications to the Office of Human Resources.

4) Responsible Party must complete all required trainings, forms, documents, and readings and provide information to group.

5) Serve as a Mandatory Reporter, following all reporting protocol.