Carnegie Mellon University

The Center for Technology Transfer and Enterprise Creation facilitates and accelerates the movement of research and technology from the university into the marketplace.

Connect your company with the right researchers and resources to pursue industry-altering discoveries, pioneering products and technology solutions that can address needs within your organization.

The university maintains an active list of technology solutions for you to explore and can curate the connectivity of these solutions into your hands.

The Center's Activities Include:

Evaluating the commercial potential and patentability of new technologies 

Managing the intellectual property protection process 

Marketing and licensing patents, materials, software and other technologies 

Providing guidance on open source software licensing


Receiving and distributing royalties and other income to inventors and Carnegie Mellon schools and departments

Providing Research Material to organizations through various Material Transfer Agreements (MTA) or Research Use Licensing

Assisting and streamlining the company startup process

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