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At Carnegie Mellon, we do the work that matters.

The Center for Business Engagement serves as a bridge between our unparalleled interdisciplinary faculty, staff and students and visionary businesses who are looking to change the world.

Do you want to work with the next generation of innovative leaders to help solve your organization’s real-world challenges?

We offer a variety of student-centric engagement channels that allow your business to partner with CMU’s thinkers, researchers, creators and makers.

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Opportunities for Engagement

Recruitment: Interns, Co-Ops and Full-time Employees

Link your business with the best and brightest talent through free job and internship postings and candidate engagement via the Handshake digital portal, career and technical fairs, on campus interview days and student engagement events to identify and build future talent.

Student-centric Sponsored Activities

For CMU’s daring and determined students, learning happens everywhere. The Center for Business Engagement can link you with one of our more than 300 student activities, clubs and organizations to partner in engaging and enjoyable ways. Options exist at all investment levels and commitments.

  • Hackathons and Makeathons featuring interdisciplinary teams who combine their specific expertise to solve challenges facing leading companies and organizations through rapid prototypes or resourceful solutions
  • Research symposiums, including Meeting of the Minds, showcase undergraduate research with more than 700 students participating to exhibit their findings — across a vast variety of topics — to the campus community
  • Innovation challenges including Innovation Palooza where students build prototypes with insight from industry pros to solve a complicated problem in just a few days

Capstone Projects Sponsored Activities

Partner with a team of CMU students, with faculty oversight, to tackle a real-world problem, case or focus specified by your business. Our students will explore the issue and offer inventive and cutting-edge solutions and recommendations that can be effectively implemented to improve your operations.

Classroom Activities

World-leading faculty and talented students collaborate across disciplines and departments without barriers every day. The Center for Business Engagement can help with logistical support to forge connections that provide your business with an active role in our pioneering work through:

  • Engaging Tech Talks that welcome alumni and other leaders to speak to students about their organization and what their CMU education makes possible beyond campus
  • Guest speakers during classes
  • Corporate site visits for students

On-Campus Interview Days

  • Guidance and support on phone/video interviews
  • Career and technical fairs throughout each semester, such as Encompass and TOC, where a wide range of industries and employment opportunities come together
  • Early engagement events that allow employers to engage with first-year students and sophomores to identify and build future talent

Find the Right Partnership

We’re ready to work with you through:

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