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Carnegie Mellon ID Cards

Carnegie Mellon identification cards classify campus community members and visitors, and they are used to access campus facilities and services.

There are three university-approved types of ID Cards:

  • Carnegie Mellon ID Card: Held by university employees and students
  • Carnegie Mellon Sponsored ID Card: Held by other individuals by virtue of their association with Carnegie Mellon
  • Carnegie Mellon Emeriti/Retiree Card: Held by emeriti faculty and retired faculty/staff

Card Issuance

All ID Cards are issued by ID Card Services in The HUB (or a designated agent). View information about ID Card fees

Valid government-issued photo identification, such as a US driver’s license or passport, must be presented to obtain an ID Card.The HUB will verify card eligibility based on enrollment and/or employment status in the university system at the time of card issuance. International driver's licenses are not an acceptable form of identification.


  • Only the cardholder may be in possession of the ID Card. All ID Cards are the property of Carnegie Mellon University, are nontransferable, and may be confiscated at any time if used in a fraudulent manner.
  • Tampering with ID Cards and/or making color reproductions is prohibited.  Labels, stickers, punching holes (for hanging, etc.), and burning (branding) are also prohibited.  These actions interfere with the electronic reading of the card and render them invalid.
  • ID Cards may not be collected and held as collateral for the temporary use of equipment, services, etc. Only The HUB and their designated agents are permitted to produce and issue ID Cards.