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Your Dollars at Work

When you support United Way by giving to the Impact Fund, it makes a big difference in the lives of people who need it most. And your United Way contribution is an investment in your community. See what your weekly gift can accomplish right where you live. For more information on the impact of your gift, visit

  • One frail senior is living safely in her home for the next six months.
  • One struggling family is getting emergency food assistance for six months.
  • You're helping a child in an at-risk community with curriculum-based after-school programs, community enrichment and academic support for most of the school year.
  • You're helping a neighbor on the road to employment with three full months of support, counseling, training and transportation.
  • You're providing six weeks of close work between students, agencies and school systems so the students who are most likely to drop out actually stay in school and graduate.
  • Struggling families are getting access to tax preparation and securing critical EITC benefits.
  • Thanks to your support of home safety checks and hot meals, two more seniors can live independently.
  • Two newly vulnerable families have access to child care, food and shelter.
  • An at-risk student who might have fallen through the cracks is advancing a grade level by participating in after-school and summer programs, community mentorship and support structured on academic strengths.
$10 A WEEK
  • Each week, you're giving a full day's support to two of our community's most at-risk students to stay in school, recover credits and graduate from high school with proficiency.
  • Six at-risk children and their parents are learning the value of education through supports, training and kindergarten registration efforts over six months.
  • Two hard-to-employ adults have safe, affordable housing for six months while gaining specific skills and job training.