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Frequently Asked Questions

What is E-Verify?

Why is Carnegie Mellon participating in E-Verify?

Who must be E-Verified?

How will I know if I am assigned to work on an E-Verify contract?

If I work on a federal grant, will I need to be E-Verified?

I am currently working on a federal contract that includes the E-Verify clause. When do I need to be E-Verified?

What will I need to do to be E-Verified?

What documents do I need to complete an I-9 Form?

I completed an I-9 Form when I was first hired. Why do I need to complete a new one for E-Verify?

I previously completed E-Verify while working on a covered federal contract at Carnegie Mellon. Do I need to complete E-Verify again when I am assigned to another covered federal contract?

I completed E-Verify with a former employer. Do I have to complete E-Verify again?

Must employees who work on a covered contract for a short period of time or on an intermittent basis complete E-Verify?

Can my unit E-Verify someone who may work on a federal contract in the future?

My unit has many E-Verify contracts. May I simply have every employee in the unit complete E-Verify?

What happens if I do not have a social security number?

I am working at Carnegie Mellon on optional practical training through my F-1 Visa. May I complete the E-Verify process and extend my OPT STEM status?

I received a tentative non-confirmation result. What do I do now?

I received a tentative non-confirmation result. May I continue to work and be paid while I am resolving the problem with DHS or SSA?

I chose to contest a tentative non-confirmation result, but I did not contact SSA or DHS within eight government work days. What should I do now?