Program Outcomes-Professional Development Services - Carnegie Mellon University

Program Outcomes

It is imperative the programs and services offered through our department have an impact on the success of the staff members we serve. It is also essential that our programs and services support and augment the greater missions of the institution.

Participants should be able to acknowledge their position responsibilities, identify the training and development opportunities relevant to their position responsibilities and develop the skills and abilities to perform the duties of their position.

Resource Awareness—Networking
Participants should understand the importance of establishing a resource network, have the ability to cultivate a resource network and effectively utilize their network relationships.

Resource Awareness—Campus and Position Resources
Participants should be able to identify the resources needed to complete their position responsibilities, evaluate the resources available and utilize the most effective resources to their position in a reasonable manner.

Value and Investment
Participants should understand the value of ongoing training and development, articulate how these programs support them in their role and articulate the value and investment the institution has demonstrated in support of their success.