Mission, Vision, Values-Professional Development Services - Carnegie Mellon University

Mission, Vision, Values


The mission of Professional Development Services is to offer valuable learning experiences that empower staff members to maximize performance and achieve their full potential.


Our vision is to execute well-designed and responsive professional development programs and services to an engaged and knowledgeable staff community who …

  • Amplify the talents and abilities of one another
  • Expand the boundaries of achievement
  • Optimally use resources
  • Generously share ideas and support
  • Demonstrate passion and enthusiasm in their roles


Our core values serve as the guidepost for all of our efforts and establish the expectations we have of one another as we assume our role and responsibilities of serving the staff members of our campus community.

Be the Bridge
Build connections among information, concepts, resources and members of the campus community

Own It
Be responsible and accountable for the delivery of accurate information; deliver the best and promote responsibility and accountability of others

Take the Plunge
Create a spirit of adventure through the learning experiences we provide; generate enthusiasm, risk and reward throughout the learning process

Do the Right Things for the Right Reasons
Have integrity in our actions and the way in which we interact with the campus community; promote integrity through our learning opportunities

Seek, Find, Experience and Grow
Achieve mastery in our work and design programs and services that allow others to succeed

Find Our Place
Respond to the needs of our campus community; validate the investment in our staff community and its professional growth and development; promote a welcoming and diverse community that is rich with talent and experience