Our Strategy-Professional Development Services - Carnegie Mellon University

Our Strategy

Our focus is you. In order to respond effectively to the needs and interests of staff members, we must be intentional in the design and delivery of our programs. Our strategy to understanding and responding to these needs and interests includes the following elements:

Assessment Initiated
Understanding the needs and interests of staff is paramount to our effectiveness and our ability to contribute to the university in a meaningful way. We gather this information in many ways:

  • All Staff Survey (targeted for every three years)
  • One-on-one staff interviews (50 interviews completed annually)
  • Pre- and post- participant assessment
  • Program evaluations
  • Focus groups
  • Advisory groups

Learning Centered
Utilizing an innovative instructional framework, our programs are designed to engage the adult learner as the principal partner of his or her professional growth. The learner is provided with resources and opportunities that encourage knowledge transfer, skill development and competency advancement.

Outcomes Driven
How will we measure our success? Our departmental outcomes are tied to the greater missions of the university. We want to make sure we are fulfilling our mission and our vision and are accountable for our work and efforts. Measuring our work utilizing these outcomes will enable us to demonstrate the ways in which our programs and services are contributing to the institution.

Community Based
The Carnegie Mellon community is rich with talent. Our staff, faculty and students are our greatest resource. Our programs and services draw upon this wealth of ability and provide opportunities for members of the campus community to share their knowledge and interests with one another.